11 Useful Tips For Easy Move

When you are moving from one house to another, you might be wondering how I could move everything without hustling because moving is one of the biggest household tasks. It’s an overwhelming work that can drain all your energy unless you do everything in an organized way.

11 Useful Tips For Easy Move

In this situation, if you know how to stay organized while moving, every process related to moving would become easy for you! And, this is where we come as we will share some valuable moving tips in this post.

We believe our suggestion will work as a head-start for you. You would be able to avoid any chaos during your moving day as well. Therefore, you won’t hustle as others would do when moving from one house to another. So, let’s start reading the post and make things easier for you!


The Useful Tips for Easy Moving

Organize everything beforehand

At first, you need to organize everything beforehand. Precisely saying, you have to make a plan for moving before 30 to 60 days. This planning would help you in avoiding any last minute hassle. Additionally, it will ensure a calm and smooth moving day for you.

Find out your perfect move strategy

When moving from one house to another, you have to find out answers to several questions such as how would you be able to move from point A to point B on a moving day? If your moving distance is short, you should rent a truck for a day and call out some sweet friends who would help you in your task. On the other hand, if the distance is big and you have a big family, you should consider hiring the services of moving companies.

Communicate to your moving company and explain the details clearly

It is important to inform everything to your moving company, meaning that you should explain the details in clear and concise manner. Remember that if your mover is aware of every small detail including any overweight items like piano or fridge. It will help the company to determine the time and cost of the process. In fact, they will bring the right type of equipment that is needed for moving. Once you let them know about the access restrictions like a narrow driveway, they will figure out a plan to move the household items smoothly.

Choose the right transportation vehicle

As said before, if the moving distance is short, you could hire a truck and get away with making just one trip. However, if the distance is big, you need to make sure that you have chosen the right type of vehicle like a big truck. It will ensure that all your belongings are in one place safely. For your convenience, you could follow the below guidelines –

  • A 16’ cube truck is enough for moving one-bed apartment’s belonging. This estimation is same for the contents of a bachelor.
  • In the case of a two-three fully furnished bedroom’s belongings, a truck of 24’-26’ would be good enough to make the moving day a success.
  • In most cases, a 24’ truck could easily make one or two trips for most of the houses.

Use the opportunity to remove unnecessary items

Moving is a great opportunity to purge the unwanted belongings from your home. You can get rid of the items that are no longer of use. Therefore, if you have time, hold a yard sale or you can also donate the worn clothes to charity. Besides, putting the used furniture on craglist.org for sale is another good option.

Make a packing kit

Before moving, the packing process of household items is a vital task. For this reason, you can call out your friends and family to do the work in an efficient way. For example – you should create a system by which everyone will work. Arm them with a pen, black marker and explain the prepared inventory sheets correctly. In this way, they would be able to mark each item and pack it in the right box.

Make your move green

You know that moving day will bring lots of trash like bubble wrap or newspaper in front of you. In that case, making your move green would be the right call. Use reusable plastic bins for storing items even when you moved in your new house. In addition to the bins, you can rent plastic bins from companies as well. Other than this, use old linens for wrapping breakables and avoid using cardboard for your belongings.

Reuse boxes for different contents

You need to use several boxes for packing your contents. If you have a few boxes, you might use them repeatedly to wrap things. The key strategy is to pack things beforehand and ship them intermittently. In this way, you can use the same box to pack different contents.

Put a label on every box

Putting a label or mark on every box is a smart thing to do, especially when your belongings would travel the moving distance in a truck. That said, all label should be in the same place of different boxes for easy retrieval.

Be aware of the condo rules and regulations

If you are moving to a condo, loading the boxes would not be an easy thing to do. Besides, you must check all policies of the condo before scheduling the moving day. For instance – some condos might not allow move-ins on weekends. In other cases, you might need to book a service elevator for loading the boxes. Not to mention, some condos would ask you to deposit $100-$500 as a deposit for booking a service elevator.

Protect your valuables

Like many other people, you must have some valuables belongings. When moving, you should protect these precious belongings safely. To do that, you can find a safe place and insure anything that is breakable. In case, you are moving a computer, just make sure that you have a backup of the essential files.

Wrap Up

Apart from the above tips, you should always ensure how the utility bills such as gas or water will be transferred over to you from the previous owner. This will make the transition process smooth. As for the movers, they are the ones who would help you in moving. So, it doesn’t matter if they are hired movers or your friends or family, you should always treat them nicely to get things done!

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