Best Tips For Solving Common Toilet Problems

For at least once in our life, we all have faced with the task of solving toilet problems at home. So, how did you react to your problem then? Did you freak out at the sight of an over-flooded toilet? Or did you just call a plumber to make things right for you?

Best Tips For Solving Common Toilet Problems

Regardless of what you did in those terrible situations, would it be a bad idea to have a toilet troubleshooting guide at your hand? We assume you would be happy to have it at your disposal.

So, in this post, we are going to provide our expert tips and suggestion on solving common toilet problems. We believe these tips would work as a guide and help you out in tough times. Let’s move forward and read the post carefully!

Our Recommended Tips For Solving Common Toilets

Here are our recommended tips that you should use to fix your toilet problems

Water flowing into the bowl

You might occasionally hear the sound of refilling the toilet like somebody had flushed it. The plumbers call it – The Phantom Flush. This is a common toilet problem that occurs from a slow leak in the tank. Besides, a bad flapper can be another cause of the issue. To resolve this particular problem, you should drain out the bowl and tank first. Then check the flapper seat to see if there is any clog. If you see the flapper seat is worn out, you should replace it with a new one.

Water flowing into the tank

Another common toilet problem is the hissing noise coming out the toilet consistently. This issue is due to water flowing into the tank through the supply line. In this type of problem, you need to check the float, the ballcock or inlet valve assembly, and the refill tube. You should start checking the float to figure out whether it needs any adjustment. Then you have to ensure the refill tube is not inserted deeply into the overflow tube. If the problem persists, you can be sure that it is due to ballcock assembly. In that case, you have to replace it with a new one.

The bowl drains slowly

Sometimes, the toilet’s bowl might get empty slowly. This is one of the general toilet problems. The plumbers regard it as a ‘Weak Flush Problem.’ The slow bowl empty problem happens because of clogged holes beneath the rim of the bowl. Therefore, you can use a bent wire to resolve the issue. You should poke the wire gently into every hole for clearing out the debris. In most cases, a coat-hanger wire would be ideal to work with. Nevertheless, you can take the help of a mirror to see beneath the rim. Not to mention you have to be careful in using the wire as you cut the bowl unintentionally.

The dreaded clog

Clogs are the most common problems for toilets. In fact, many other appliances might have this problem too. In this particular situation, you can take the help of a force-cup plunger. It is more efficient than the standard types. When cleaning the clogs, start by inserting the bulb into the drain. Then pump it forcefully and release the handle gently. Now, you have to let out some water so that you can make the drain clear. If the toilet is clogged up, repeat the process until it is clear. However, if the problem is serious, you should consider using a closet auger.

Leaky seals

Almost all types of toilet include a minimum of five seals and all of which are subject to potential leaks. Therefore, if you see any leaks in your toilets, inspect every seal carefully. In case, you have found a faulty seal; you need to tighten or replace it with a new one. The biggest seal within a toilet lies in between the bowl and the tank. If there is a break here, it can cause a serious leak to your toilet, draining water spontaneously. So, when you are replacing this kind of leak, you have to drain and remove the tank entirely. In addition to these tasks, you will turn on the tank upside down to have a quick and better access. Now, you should remove the old seal with a new one. In short, if you tighten the bolts and mount the nut appropriately, it would be enough to stop the leak.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is all the above toilet problems can occur anytime. So, you have to prepare yourself in the best possible way. Other than taking advice from an expert, we believe our tips could help you solve your toilet problems. So, follow our guidelines and make your toilets smoother than ever!

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