Cleaning Mistakes We All Make

Who would have thought cleaning can still be done wrongly but it’s with a mindset like this that many mistakes are bound to happen. Some of these mistakes we would be looking at have a lot concern on your health.

Cleaning Mistakes We All Make

Dish Soaps on Cutting Boards

Many of us have made this mistake, many times too often. When we use the cutting board for cutting meat, we want to “properly” clean the board before cutting the vegetables. Using dish soap for this will only cause more harm than good to it.

Forgetting to Clean Your Touch Points

What exactly is a touch point? These are areas or places where we often put our hands. Good examples of this are your door knobs, faucets, and handles. One thing these places have in common is that they are last touch points we make contact with when we think we are done cleaning. Just imagine a scenario were you turn on your faucet to wash your dirty hands, only to turn off the faucet with the clean hands and never cleaning the dirt transferred to the faucet.

Overloading the Dishwasher

You are in a hurry and you got lots of dirty dishes to wash. So you decide to place them all at once so you can quickly head out. Dishwasher, like any other appliances is designed to work well when the design instructions are strictly adhered to. By overloading the dishwasher, you can be certain that not all the dishes would get cleaned perfectly. There would obviously still be few dirt stains somewhere, unattended to.

Multipurpose Rags

Ok I admit I got carried away with the name but I couldn’t think of one word to define it. So you feel because it’s a rag, it can work and serve the cleaning purpose perfectly everywhere and every time? Well allow me to burst your bubbles but no it can’t! When you over use one rag in cleaning different places, you would most likely end up spreading germs from one area to others. The best thing to do is to get rags specific for areas in the house. The kitchen rag has no business cleaning the bathroom.

Using a Feather Duster

First time I came across these feather dusters, I just could not help but laugh. Yes they look fancy and all that but fancy is not what you’re looking for if you’re serious about cleaning. I applaud you for making the effort to clean but you are only just fancifully punishing yourself. If you’re looking to spread dust, then a feather duster should be your first pick.

Keeping a Wet Toilet Brush

Hopefully, by just reading this, you already know how wrong this is for you. A toilet brush doesn’t really have the best of jobs but it does it gleefully without complain. Now it needs to rest but you decide to leave it in a wet surrounding. You have just succeeded in providing a suitable breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Always keep your toilet brush dry after use.


There are so much more mistakes we make when cleaning. Unfortunately we are unable to exhaust all if them. As you go about your cleaning, take time to second guess every cleaning action. This way you know when you’re following the bandwagon of mistake makers.

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