Common Home Cleaning Mistakes

Everyday, there’s new dust and dirt particles struggling to get themselves into your home – assuming they don’t succeed every time. If you are living in the temperate regions of the world, you would understand the joy of spring. Too often, it’s a time to throw open the windows and allow that fresh, natural air you have missed rush in. For this reason, homes tend to get an overload of dust material during spring.

Common Home Cleaning Mistakes

If we should take health into consideration – why shouldn’t we? – opening of windows during this time can trigger a reaction if one is allergic. Just think about all that pollen material flying about in the morning. If you have such allergies, obviously you know you have no business opening windows in the morning. While this is one mistake few make, we will be talking about several other mistakes we make when cleaning our homes.

The Ceiling Fan

Just imagine cleaning the room and feeling all accomplished, only for you to settle down and lift your head up. Boldly staring at you is your dusty ceiling fan – it’s in important we make it personal at this stage. The sudden sadness that would overwhelm you will be as a result of the combination of frustration because you are exhausted and knowing the fact that cleaning the fan would spread dust down to your already cleaned area. To avoid putting yourself in such a dilemma, ensure you look out for such areas first. This brings us to our second mistake…

You Forgot to Make a Plan

Do you still have to make a plan for cleaning? This goes with an emphatic yes! We all get like this sometimes, you know? We kind of wake up on the very right side of the bed and feeling all motivated. Your house have been unkempt and lacked century long due cleaning. So you start off without any meaningful planning. Six hours into your cleaning, uoi discover you have only been able to create more mess – now you have clothes piled on the floor, furniture out of place, etc. Just imagine if you had planned to start off cleaning room by room? Now you have successfully touched all the rooms in the house with none halfway cleaned after 6 hours!

What About the Mattress?

It provides you with that cozy, comfortable feel yet how do most of us repay her? She’s either outright forgotten or seldom cleaned. Think of how often you clean your TV set in comparison to your mattress. Yet it has been proven that the mattress hold more dirt and dust particles than other conventional areas in the house. There are more than one way to get your mattress cleaned and I adjure you to take the time to find it out. You will be surprised how many illnesses we can have from an unkempt mattress.

Using Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

There are lots if cleaning agents or chemicals readily available in the markets today. Usually they are labelled according with “danger” or “caution” boldly written on it. Yet with all these, some of us still insist on mixing several of these chemicals together. We understand you have bacteria so much and want to prevent any infection but while you’re at it, try not to make the next atomic bomb. When it comes to home cleaning, white vinegar solution has always proved to be effective. Apply and scrub and the dirt and bacteria are all gone. Just to be on the safe side, do away with all those harsh chemicals.

Forgetting to Declutter the Clutter

So you are done with all the dusting and cleaning but still have fee toys lying around, books still out of the shelf, clothes yet to reconcile with your closet but somehow you think you are done cleaning. All of the dust and dirt materials you spent the past few minutes/hours cleaning have only succeeded in finding a new sanctuary around your clutter. Always start with the clutter lying around. Place all toys, books, clothes and all items back to their rrightful place before starting to clean. This way, you are sure all the dirt and dust are out of your home for good.

It’s Just a Chore

This is a common mistake that many if us make. Now you will probably be asking if it isn’t a chore, then what exactly is it? While in its true sense it is a chore, you don’t have to treat it that way. Most people don’t like chores, so why should cleaning be any different? See it more like a way to exercise. If you have this in mind, especially if you have been hoping to lose some extra pound, you will do a more thorough cleaning and get good results.

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