Eight Effective Tips For Downsizing

When you are moving from one house to another, the most important thing you should consider is – Downsizing. Downsizing usually means getting rid of the extra stuff that you would have to carry while moving. Many people find it a tricky situation while others say Just get the hell out of this extra stuff.

Eight Effective Tips For Downsizing

However, downsizing the extra stuff is as hard as finding a needle in the haystack. If you do not know or understand what to downsize, you might be in utter vacillation. To make things worse, if your new house is small in size, downsizing becomes an obligatory task.

Well! We suggest you not to worry too much because we have got your back! In this post, we will share the top tips for downsizing. These tips will make the process of moving from one to another smooth. So, let’s start reading the post.


The Effective Tips for Downsizing

  • Before downsizing the items, it is better to have a list of the items that you love and want. This list would help in parting away with the things that are no longer necessary. Remember that most people find it difficult to grasp that they can’t take everything with them. In that case, you should be careful while creating the list for essential items.
  • Many experts suggest that thinning out the unwanted items beforehand makes moving to a new house easily. For example – you can do this work in every day or one morning in every week for at least three months. On the other hand, cleaning or going through the jammed coat closet is another essential aspect of downsizing. Therefore, it’s wise to tackle them one by one.
  • Comparing and contrasting your current and new house’s rooms would be useful. In this way, you can understand the size of the new rooms and what could they hold mainly. For example – if your current bedroom has the exact size of your new house’s living room, you might want to squeeze your two sofas to one. We understand that this is a reality check for you. But it’s essential that you recognize what to downsize before moving.
  • Most people make the same mistake in downsizing the items. They get sentimental and don’t get rid of the unnecessary things. For instance – you don’t need ten mixing bowls unless yours is a big family. Also, if you severe ties with your second spatula, it would not be a big deal. In case you are moving to a condo, the garage must be high on the list – snow shovels, the ladders, the lawn mower, etc. Do you need these things in a condo? I am not sure!
  • Throwing away the unnecessary things is not always useful. You can recycle, sell, donate, and reuse them instead. Hearing about these alternative options might be nice to your ears. But you should be environmentally responsible and find a perfect place for everything. Only a single piece of a can’s comet can make one’s sink miserable. So, beware of the situation and provide supplies to a shelter or cleaning lady.
  • When downsizing the items, keeping separate bins for – storing, selling and giving items as charity would beneficial. Typically, you should be keeping one-third to one-half of the articles and downsize the rest as either selling the items or giving them as charity. Moreover, collecting objective opinion about what to keep and what to get rid of can be helpful. If one of the relatives says – why on earth you are still keeping this old cloth, you might just become a rational person.
  • If you have any antique piece that you don’t want, you might consider auctioning the item. Often, people put high-end used items or antique pieces to auction and sometimes it can bring a good amount of money. So, just call the secondhand dealers and they will do the rest. They will come to your house and take out the things. In this way, you would not worry about a single thing.
  • Once you fix what to downsize, put the items into the boxes and mark them with colors. Marking the boxes would allow separating the unnecessary items from the necessary ones. Make sure that you have everything in an orderly fashion before moving to your new house. It will alone make everything smooth for you and your family.

Bottom Line

People downsize the items because the housing market has crashed tremendously in recent years. Most of them are moving to small houses or condos where space is small. However, regardless of this reason, downsizing will always remain essential because moving to a new home can make things unwanted. We hope this post has helped you to understand how you can downsize the items. So, enjoy being at your new house with your beloved belongings!

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