Fixing a Leaking Tap

A leaking tap is more than an annoying issue, as it also has the potential to end up being rather costly. Water bills can quickly pile up and end up even tripling! Not only that, but the water may end up damaging your property from the inside. All of this can be avoided if you learn what causes a leaking tap and how to fix it.

Fixing a Leaking Tap

Fixing a Leaking Tap – What You Need to Know

Firstly, you should always try to identify where the leak may be coming from and what’s causing it. For example, if you notice water dripping from the spout, probably the washer’s malfunctioning. On the other hand, a leak beneath the handle is a sign of a broken valve O-ring. And if the leak is coming from beneath the spout, you should most likely replace the spout O-ring. 

You should also know what type of valve you own. There are compression valves and a ceramic valve. This is important, as both faucets have different washers. Ceramic disc valve faucets typically require ceramic washers, while compression valve taps use rubber washers. The location of the valves is also different. Compression valves can be found inside the tap, and they control the water flow. The rubber washers are usually found at the base of the valve, as they form a seal to prevent water flow. Ceramic valves have ceramic discs instead. Keep in mind that both washers can be in different sizes, so you should pay attention to that.

Before you start any plumbing work, it is necessary to turn off the water supply. Some bathrooms enable you to turn off the water flow to a specific valve. Other households require you to shut down the water source on your entire property. If this is the case, be sure to plan ahead. Place cloth or rags inside the drain, to avoid losing any small parts that may fall off. Also, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions, as some have useful tips and tricks for that specific sink. 

I Have a Compression Leaking Tap, How to Fix It?

I Have a Compression Leaking Tap, How to Fix It?

First off, you should remove the handle. If your tap has decorative handles, the screw will most likely be underneath it. Remove them using a screwdriver, so the top of the valve can be exposed. Then, unscrew the rest of the faucet cover. Loosen the valve using an adjustable spanner, then take it off completely. Hold the valve firmly and remove the screw on it with a screwdriver. This will help you take off the washer so that you can replace it. Once this is done, reassemble everything back into its place. If the washer was broken, it should work properly now.

Before you fully return the caps and the handles, briefly turn on the water and test the faucet. If everything is fixed, the tap should work properly, without any leaks. If you notice the water dripping still, try replacing the faucet completely. If nothing works, contact the plumber, to ensure the malfunction isn’t located inside the wall.

I Have a Ceramic Disc Leaking Tap, How to Fix It?

I Have a Ceramic Disc Leaking Tap, How to Fix It?

Expose the top of the cap by removing the handle cap. You may need an Allen key for this, as some ceramic disc taps don’t have as many screws as compression ones. Loosen the valve with an adjustable spanner and remove it. Before anything else, make sure the ceramic disc valve isn’t damaged or worn out, as sometimes this may be the cause of the leak. If necessary, clean it. On some occasions, you may even need to find a replacement. If this is the case, just reassemble everything once the disc is replaced and test the water to see if everything’s working correctly.

If the O-ring needs repairing, this process can become longer. Using a screwdriver, remove the worn-out O-ring. Depending on the type of your O-ring, this process can be more or less stressful.

If you have a spout O-ring, you should loosen the nut that holds the faucet to the sink from below, for a start. Remove the grub screw with a screwdriver. If necessary, twist the tap a bit to get better access. Then, remove the spout so you can access the O-ring, which is that thin, rubber ring you can see at the base. Remove it. If necessary, hold it with a screwdriver. Then, roll the replacement ring back onto the spout.

When a spout needs to be replaced, first you should remove the old one. Then, line up the marker on it with the fillister in the faucet body, then place the spout back into its position—re-tighten everything, including the nut. Once everything is reassembled, you’re good to go!

Why It’s Important to Fix Your Leaking Tap Fast? 

If you think a leaking tap isn’t a big problem, you’re wrong. There are several reasons why fixing a leaking tap has to be done quickly.

First and foremost, a leaking tap can be a health hazard. Water can cause mold and mildew, and even a change in some materials. Mold can be particularly dangerous, and you shouldn’t spend time in a moldy environment. 

Next, a dripping faucet is a massive waste of water. We live where we have to take care of our environment, and wasting water is doing something opposite. While saving the planet, you’ll also be saving money, as a waste of water can hugely impact your water and utility bills. What looks like a small leak may end up costing you hundreds yearly. Not to mention the possible expenses you may have if the leaking water damages your home’s structure! Your walls, foundations, and floors can get severely damaged. In just a few months, you may find out you can’t remain in your house anymore due to property damages. Not to mention that it’s your obligation as a citizen to take care of the water you spend and to be responsible for your property and your neighborhood.

As you can see, having a leaking tap is more than just dealing with that annoying dripping sound. We hope this article helped you know what is causing your leaking tap, how to fix it, and how much you can lose if you don’t act quickly. If this sounds too complicated for you, you can always call a local plumber and avoid the hassle.

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