How Can You Keep Raccoons Out of the Yard?

Raccoons might appear cute or even friendly to some people. But when they take hold of your garden or get into your attic, you might not anymore view them as friendly or cute. It is true that they are a lovely creature with an unflinching attitude around humans and pets. They are typically wild animals and will always behave like wild animals. They boast sharp teeth with strong claws, carrying rabies and parasites into their body.

How Can You Keep Raccoons Out of the Yard?

The idea of catching them out with your bare hand wouldn’t be a wise thing. Not to mention they can attack you anytime. So, in this post, we are going to explain the non-confrontational and non-lethal methods for keeping the raccoons away from your home! Let’s start reading and get it over these creepy creatures.

What is a Raccoon?


Before explaining the ways to keep the raccoons away from your home, we would like you to know what exactly a raccoon is. Usually, they are nocturnal by nature with a tendency to be active during nighttime or in the dark. They can quickly make your head spinning since they create too much noise.

On a cautionary note, the raccoons are pretty destructive, pulling off siding or tearing the openings of your home at will. In fact, they are omnivores, and they will do everything that comes into their path. In that case, your trash can or bin is not safe as they will find plenty of things there.

Despite being a wild animal, a raccoon is a considerably intelligent and smart creature with strong and bold behavior. If they breach your home, they will challenge your pets, open up containers, tear apart different things and push big objects around the home. What’s more, you can never intimate them and sometimes, you have to chase them off to avoid them. That said, we advise you not to confront the raccoons because we don’t know how they will react. In some cases, if the raccoon is rabies infected, they might attack you at will.

How To Keep Away Raccoons Out of Your Home?

images-1As said earlier that raccoons thrive in the night, they prefer darkness to light. In that case, if you install a motion activated lightening system in the house, you might be able to fend off them quite easily. However, if they are not enough, you can consider extreme measures such as incorporating bright flood lights including the quartz halogen fixtures (used for driveway illumination).

In addition to incorporating these views, you must remember that installing just one light at a distance might not keep the raccoons away. Our recommendation is that you install several lights in one place or saturate the entire area with multiple systems.

Bear in mind the raccoons don’t enjoy being around humans. Therefore, placing a waterproof radio adjacent to the trash bins might be useful. Just set the radio to ‘talk’ station and the voices coming from the radio will discourage them from the area.

Another great alternative for keeping the raccoons away from your house would be to purchase metal trash bins with sealing lids. What you have to do is improve the tightness of the seal by a length of plastic tubing and slice a cut along the length duration of the tube. Then just slip it over the rim of the trash can and put the lid in place. Afterward, the tubing will compress and form a tighter seal. Lastly, you should put a heavy object like a cinder block on top of the trash can lids.

Bottom Line

Along with the above tricks, you should remember that raccoons don’t like cluttered food. Even they will get annoyed if they smell ammonia in the food. So, you can add a bit of ammonia to your garbage. Then there would be a chance that they will avoid scavenging your trash cans!

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