How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner

You can add this to one of life’s irony questions; getting the cleaner cleaned! Of course while many may giggle at this question, it is still one that holds a weighty importance. Over the years, we have had several types of vacuum cleaners. Irrespective of model and size, we all can agree that they’ve served us to a greater extent. Vacuum cleaners once had their function in cleaning out carpets – especially those with stubborn, hidden dirt material. Today’s vacuum cleaners are designed and equipped to also help clean out hard floors, upholstery, vehicles, etc.

How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner

Just like any equipment, the vacuum cleaner also deserves to be maintained. How well the vacuum is maintained will go a long way to determine the quality and service life. So let’s say you just got a new vacuum cleaner and you want to keep it in good shape as much as possible or you are just in high spirit and want to clean out your ever faithful and trusted vacuum friend. Here are the things you would need to do or steps to take to get a proper cleaning.

Unplug the Vacuum Cleaner

This is the first and foremost step to begin with. Ideally, one would assume the cleaner is resting peacefully in your closet but yet again, you could decide to clean it immediately after use. Either way, you should ensure the vacuum is not plugged or connected to any electrical source.

Remove and Empty the Canister

The canister would contain all the sucked up dirt and would need special cleaning. Start out by disengaging it from the main vacuum. If it is a vacuum with a bag, remove the bag also. Empty the content inside the canister or bag. If there’s any need, use a little water to rinse the canister and keep aside to dry.

Clean the Vacuum Filter

One of the components that determines the working efficiency of a vacuum cleaner is its filter. When dirt particles stay lodged in the canister without proper cleaning, the filters eventually gets blocked. For some models of canister vacuums, you can have the filters taken out easily. This way you can properly clean them with water and get them dried. For models that do not have filters that come off easily, provision is always made during its design to accommodate cleaning.

Clean the Vacuum Hose

The next component of the vacuum that would need attention is the hose. Try and get clogs out of the hose and rinse it out. To help kill bacteria and remove odours, mix one part vinegar with two parts of water. Use this solution to clean out the hose. Ensure the solution is completely dried out before switching on the vacuum.

Clean the Surface of the Vacuum

While it is essential to clean the insides of the vacuum, attention should also be placed on the outside surface. Undoubtedly during the cause of vacuuming, dirt and dust particles would get stuck on the surface. For aesthetic purposes and for good body surface maintenance, this cleaning is paramount.


Like any other home appliances, the vacuum cleaner also deserves proper maintenance services. While these cleaners can easily be taken to repair stores for cleaning, there are easy DIYs one can follow to clean these vacuums at home. When a regular maintenance and cleaning procedure is afherr to, the service life of the vacuum cleaner is generally extended.

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