How To Fix A Dryer Professionally?

Most people are not aware of the fact that they can solve their dryer problems by themselves. It is like taking a DIY (Do It Yourself) project and solving everything expertly. On top of that, you do not need to call a technician to repair it.


How To Fix A Dryer Professionally?

Typically, repairing a dryer might take only an hour or so. However, if you are looking for replacing different parts of the dryer, it might take longer than one hour.

That said, these parts are relatively cheap, and you will need some basic DIY tools such as a socket set or screwdrivers to diagnose or repair your dryer.

In this post, we are going to enlighten you about how to solve problems related to the dryer. So, stay with us and read the post in full to get to the end of your problems.

You Have To Disassemble Your Dryer

Before repairing your dryer, you need to disassemble it, especially the external cabinet. By dissembling the outer cabinet, you will be able to get into the different parts. If you see that your dryer’s lint filter is located within the front door, you should disassemble it in the following ways –

  • You should take out the screws from every part of the control panel.
  • Then you need to roll over the panel up and then back for exposing the screws in the top panel.
  • Now, again you should take out the screws and pull the top in your direction.
  • For opening the bottom panel, you will need to discharge the spring catches and shove a putty knife in the slot above the catches.
  • Since the end-part panel is open, you should eliminate the front panel by taking out two screws from top and bottom position.

What Tools Should You Take For This Project?

Before starting this DIY project, you will need the following necessary tools. They would be you save time and help you get over with any frustrating situation.

  • A 4-in-1 screwdriver and a putty knife
  • A shop vacuum along with a socket/ratchet set
  • A Multimeter or a continuity tester with a straight slot screwdriver (small)
  • Required Materials for this Project
  • Along with the above tools, you will need to keep the below materials ready beforehand.
  • Door switch and Thermal fuse
  • Radiant sensor and Igniter
  • Heating element (electric dryers)
  • Gas valve coils and Tensioner
  • Drum support rollers and Belt
  • Door Latch and Door Strike

How To Fix Your Dryer?


Here are some common dryer problems that you can resolve quickly by following the below advice –

What if my dryer does not start?

In this type of situation, you have to test the switch to solve the problem. At first, you should pull out the wires from the door switch. Then you have to open and close the door to conduct a continuity test. If you do not get any continuity reading, you will need to replace the switch.

Now, this kind of problems occurs due to bad door switch or broken plunger. Typically, the door switch would lose its efficiency from regular use. However, if you slam the door repeatedly, the chances are that it might wear out quickly.

As said earlier that conducting a continuity test can help you solve your dryer problems, you will need to test thermal fuse for continuity test. Usually, the thermal fuse will provide you with continuity reading, but if you do not get any of it, you should not replace it. The reason is if the thermal fuse is all blown up, you might have serious problems at hand. In fact, there might be a clogged vent or a malfunctioning thermostat. So, fix these problems first and then replace the thermal fuse.

What if my dryer just thumps and rumbles?

If you see that the dryer is continuously thumping and rumbling, you should start clipping the triangular roller and keeper off.  Then you will have to take it out and rub the shaft with a rag and alcohol. Finally, you will have to install the new roller and keeper.

In case the drum support rollers are out of date, you have to replace them all to resolve this issue. If you still hear noises from your dryer, you can try changing the tensioner roller. Keep in mind it will take a long time to dissemble the dryer than to change the rollers and belts. So, our recommendation would be to replace both simultaneously.

What if my dryer does not heat?

If your dryer does not heat, you should check the thermal fuse again for continuity. Often the dryer makes noise or tumbles, but it does not heat enough to make your hair dry. In that case, the thermal fuse should be the starting point. However, if it is okay, you have to move onto the radiant sensor (for a gas dryer). This radiant sensor analyzes the igniter and provides power to the gas valve coils. Therefore, if there is a bum in the sensor, everything would not work properly. So, check it for continuity, and if it fails the test, you should just change it.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that a dryer is something that needs proper maintenance. Without good maintenance, you will never get the best service from it. Moreover, if your dryer ever encounters the above problems, just follow our tips. We believe our tips are enough to resolve the issues as mentioned earlier!

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