How To Move A Refrigerator: Here Is How You Can Do It!

Moving household items from one place to another might be a difficult thing to accomplish unless you take precautions. With that said, if you want to move a refrigerator, taking necessary safety measures is mandatory. Many people try to move it by themselves, but they often hit with accidents such as destroying the fridge’s internal cooling system.

How To Move A Refrigerator: Here Is How You Can Do It!

Well! Now you might be wondering how this would happen when you are moving it? The thing is when you are moving a refrigerator randomly; the chances are that you are harming it. There are specific instructions for moving a refrigerator. These instructions are catered to protecting your unit efficiently.

So, in this post, we are going to explain the exact instructions to move a refrigerator from one place to another.

How to Move a Side-by-side Refrigerator?


Since there are different types of refrigerators, they all have various kinds of shelves. In most cases, you need to remove the shelves, taped them together, and placed them on the bottom part of the fridge. You can move them separately as well. Keep in mind if you leave the shelves loose in the refrigerator, you might damage both the fridge and the shelves at once. Therefore, the best practice is to move the different parts of refrigerator separately and secure the ice bucket perfectly.

When moving the refrigerator, you might see the doors are open, and this might make things difficult for you. In that case, you can secure the doors by closing and strapping them with tape. When tightening the straps, you have to be careful. Too much tightening the doors might pull the door out of alignment altogether.

On the contrary, if the moving situation lasts for more than one day, it would be better if you keep the door slightly open. It will make sure the air flow of the refrigerator is kept intact while reducing the growth of mildew within the fridge. You should also wedge a rolled up towel in between the cabinet and the door. Then you can secure the door with a tape.

In this way, you could avoid any flying door. At the same time, the air will flow into the cabinet regularly. Finally, when you are choosing a tape to strap the doors or shelves, you should choose a strong tape that will not leave any residue.

Useful Tips For Moving A Refrigerator

  • Never move your refrigerator with its parts. First, empty it and then move it. Also, tape the doors so that they remain closed.
  • For avoiding damage to the appliances, wrapping the fridge in a protective cloth is a very good idea. It also decreases the risk propensity of damaging the walls of your home.
  • For moving a fridge, always use a dolly or hand truck.
  • Never put any strap over door handles and never overtighten the straps.
  • When moving a refrigerator, always keep adequate assistance because it’s heavy.
  • Always abide by the safety measures and appropriate precautions.

Can I keep a Refrigerator on its side?

Moving a refrigerator

Well! Most people think that they can lay the refrigerator on its side because this position allows a smooth operation. However, this is one of the biggest mistakes one can make when moving a refrigerator. For instance – if the refrigerator is tipped onto its side, the oil in the compressor can make it into the cooling lines.

When the fridge is in an upright position, the oil might not come out from the cooling lines; ultimately, the refrigerator will not cool properly.

If you ever need to lay the fridge over, always avoid laying it flat. You can tip the fridge to an angle with a box under the top of the fridge. As a result, the oil in the compressor would never come out.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is when you have moved the refrigerator to your preferred destination; keep it upright for a few hours before plugging it in. Remember that it might take as long as 72 hours to return to its usual low temperatures, especially, if the fridge is blank. Finally, never try to move your refrigerator unless you have adequate support and assistance because you never buy a fridge often!

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