How To Unclog a Toilet Using a Closet Auger?

Are you dealing with water overflow issues at your home? Isn’t your toilet working properly or is it blocked by something? Well! If you are dealing with these problems, then you have come to the right place.

How To Unclog a Toilet Using a Closet Auger?

If the bowl is flooded with an extreme level of water, you have to understand that something is blocking your drainage system or toilet. With that said, there are a few hints that could quickly help you determine whether the toilet is clogged up. In fact, it might be an alarming issue for many people because not everyone is aware of the fact fully.

When you see that the bathroom sink is not backed up correctly, there is a blockage in the toilet. On the contrary, if the sink is backed up, the chances are that the clog lies farther along the drainage system. What’s more, if the problem is occurring elsewhere, you should take understand that the root of the problem is in the sewer line.

In this post, we are going explain the ways to unclog your toilet. Thus, we will reveal how you would be able to overcome the water overflow issues at your home. So, let us start learning the ways to empty your toilet in the right way.

Unclog a Toilet with a Plunger

The most widely recommended equipment for unclogging a toilet is a plunger with a flange. The reason for using a plunger is that it can perfectly fit into the opening of the toilet, exerting additional pressure than any other old fashioned equipment. So, follow the procedures below and unclog your toilet –

  • At first, you should put on some gloves and let the overflowed water out till it is only half-full. When the bowl becomes empty, you will add water to fill make it half-full again.
  • For avoiding a possible splash back, you would need to drape a big towel above the bowl. Also, make sure that the towel covers the lower end of the toilet (below the toilet seat).
  • Now, you have to put the plunger in the bowl, covering the drain opening entirely. As the plunger is under water, you will have to press and pull it quickly for around 20 seconds.
  • If you see that water is draining out of the bowl, just add more water and then plunge it again. Finally, if you observe that water is coming out smoothly from the drain, just flush the toilet because you have now unclogged it entirely.

Unclog a Toilet with a Closet Auger

If you find out that a plunger is not enough to drain out water from the toilet, then you should use a closet auger. Usually, a closet auger is designed for clearing out overflowed water from the drain or toilet. It includes a sharp coil of wire on the tip. It also contains a semi-rigid wire that you can stretch into the bends of bowls in the toilet. There are a guide tube and an offset hand crank for turning spiral tip and clearing out the obstruction.

So, follow the below the steps to unclog a toilet with a closet auger:

  • First of all, you will insert the guide tube. Remember that the curve must face the direction of the drain. Now, you have to crank the auger in one specific way so that it can become tight.
  • After that, you will crank it in the other direction and repeat the same process until the auger reaches to a far position. Then just crank the auger for clearing the obstruction from the drain or toilet.

After following the above processes, you will now take out the guide tube. If you see that it is stuck in the drain, you will pull it gently or turn the crank back and forth. Never force the auger, or you will break the toilet bowl entirely. When you see that water is draining correctly, just flush the toilet!

Bottom Line

To unclog the toilet would need different kinds of equipment, especially for the clogs that are along the drain or sewer line. You might need to remove the toilet from the floor entirely so that you can clean out the clogs.

In any cases, if the clog occurred for an object (might be dropped into the toilet) like washcloth or toy, you have to retrieve it from the toilet. Never try to put force it and don’t threw pipes into the toilet because it will result in a worse situation.

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