Keep Your Home Fresh by Eliminating Odours

If left unattended to, every home has its unique odour. The funny part of it all is that the owners of the house cannot perceive the odour. If you are in doubt, walk into your house and take a deep breath. Do you smell anything? Well it’s quite obvious that you’re nose blind to your own home smell. Here’s where it gets embarrassing; your guests can perceive the odour the exact moment they walk in.

Keep Your Home Fresh by Eliminating Odours

To save yourself and home the embarrassment, you need to actively fight these odours. We will take a look at some of the possible causes and how you can eliminate to their barest minimum levels.

How Well Do You Love Your Pets?

Just before you go ahead to argue how your home does not smell like pets, we have to ask if you have any pets. If you have pets, then there’s a greater chance you have an odour. Then again, you could be an obsessive cleaner and always keep the home sparkling clean. From their urine to loose hairs, there’s no stopping where the smell can come from.

How then can you tackle these smells? Well it begins from your pests. Keep them clean by bathing and grooming them. Once you’re done with the primary source, next step is to clean the secondary source. This will require lots of vacuuming. When you’re done, sprinkle baking power on the carpet. Keep this a routine and you should be able to eliminate pet of our smells from your home.

Got Basement Molds?

The basement is yet another place when odours can originate from. So yes we agree you have got nose blindness to your home odours but you will need your eyes much more than your nose. Molds and mildews are common sights in most basements. Clean these out with an elbow grease solution. This should take care of the of our. Molds also pose health hazards and should not be encouraged to grow in any part of your home. Now that this has been done, the next step is to ensure they never come back. Since both are caused as a result of high humidity, try installing a dehumidifier or find a way to allow for proper air circulation in your basement.

Change Your Bedsheets

It is advisable to use a particular bed sheet for at most, a week. You will be surprised the amount of odour that can originate from a week old sheets. The bedsheets are not just all you will have to concern yourself with, the mattress too has the propensity to produce odours. There’s no way you can put your mattress into the washing machine but you can dust it off and sprinkle baking soda on it. As long as you have a skin and produce body oils, your mattress would inadvertently produce of ours if not properly taken care of.

Check the Fridge

Most of us are familiar with the odour from a fridge. This is a good example of how something designed to keep food items fresh, can suffer spoilage without proper care. Fridges can help preserve your food but it just cannot clean out itself. If you have somehow found a way to live with the odour, you should be weary of the quality of food you refrigerate.

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