Keeping the Living Room Clean

For most homes, the living is the fun part of the house. It holds both good and bad memories. It’s usually the first interior room part of the house that visitors get to see. For this reason, many people place a whole lot of attention in cleaning it. Still, there are sometimes we become blind to certain things, only for a good friend who came visiting to notice. Even with the best furniture, lighting arrangements and interior designs, an untidy living room is always unwelcoming.

Keeping the Living Room Clean
Just like any type of cleaning, it is much more easier to clean the living room when it’s not all dusty. Usually living rooms get all dusty during the spring. That moment when we can’t just wait to open all the windows and let fresh air come in. With the windows opened, you should expect much more than fresh air coming in. All sorts of dust particles will find a way into the house. If you have a good regular cleaning routine, this may not be so obvious to visitors. If you tend to clean your living room every blood moon, then it’s just a matter of time before it becomes a desert.

Start with the Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are often forgotten when living rooms are being cleaned. They just get remembered most times, when it’s time to relax. The funny thing is that visitors have a higher probability at staring at your ceiling fan more than you would do. Clean the fans first so that dust or dirt particles on it can fall to the ground.

Shake the Drapes

Drapes also hold on to dust and dirt materials, especially if it’s made from a material that attracts them. If the drapes are not so big, you can take them down and put them in the washing machine and dryer. If you have one of those large drapes in your living room, taking it down and putting it back up is a task I wouldn’t wish on anyone. This does not mean you would to leave them untouched. A better an easier way would be to shake or beat it off. After this is done, you can use one of those vacuum cleaners that can be used on drapes and upholstery. This should give you a better cleaning of the drapes.

Dust Off the Furniture

If the first two steps are done rightly, there would be more dust and dirt around and ready to be sucked up by a vacuum cleaner. Before then, dust off the furniture because it too has become a resting ground for all those beat dust. Sofas are comfortable and cozy but they also hold their weight when it comes to dust and dirt retention. Use the vacuum cleaner to suck out the dirt and pay more attention to the arm rest area. For furniture, remember the legs and handles too make up the entire furniture.

Vacuum them all Out!

Much of all the dust available in the living room should be laying on the floor or carpet by this time. Get a good vacuum cleaner – one that doesn’t blow out sucked dirt during vacuuming. It would be a waste to have all that dust flying around. When buying a vacuum cleaner, you would want to get one with a great sucking power and performance. This would easily be able to suck out all those dirt.

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