Home Organization Ideas – Organizing Tips And Tricks

There is more than one way to organize the place you call home. There are various tips for home organization out there. Still, it would be best if you always considered your own style, habits, and personal taste.

Some strategies can help you increase the effectiveness of any project. After taking just a few pieces of advice, you can become a pro at organizing your living surroundings!

Here are some useful organization tips you should take if you plan on changing the looks of your personal environment.

Eliminate Clutter Hot Spots

There are some places on your houses that almost call for things to be placed on top of them. Flat surfaces such as tables and counters are perfect for piling things up.

This is why it’s essential to make clearing them a part of your daily routine. Brush your teeth, wash your face, and clear that kitchen counter. This way, you’ll prevent the accumulation of objects and create a mess. 

 If you don’t have time for that, you can always go the easier way and block any flat, empty surface. Put a flower vase on the middle of your dining table, or place placemats on your entryway table. This way, your brain will see that space is occupied and you won’t instinctively leave things there.

Don’t Purchase Storage Supplies until Necessary

When you plan to organize your home, probably the first thing you think you should do is to buy more storage space. However, this won’t do you any good in the long run.

Having too much room for storage will prevent you from decluttering, and you will keep holding onto unnecessary things. According to experts, people use only 20% of the things they own.

Until you run out of space, you won’t know which things you really need and which you choose to cling to. Once you’ve filled all your shelves and containers, then it’s time to go and find a new storage supply.

Place Storage where You Can Easily Reach It

One of the critical organization tips is to allow yourself to reach every storage unit with just one hand. Don’t make your life harder by keeping your trash can under the table or even worse, inside the counter.

Every storage space should be within your reach. This will prevent you from automatically placing down that item you’re holding onto a first flat surface. 

At the same time, try to avoid lids as much as possible. Sure, a trash can needs a cover to prevent smells, but open containers work better on almost all other occasions.

If there needs to be a lid, find containers that open when you step on a lever. Everything that requires you to use two hands to reach is a step towards creating a mess.

Look for Signals that Say Something is Wrong

Have you cleaned your room but it still looks messy? This means that your organizational system has a flaw. A well-organized room should take no more than 15 minutes to tidy up.

If you have too little free space, throw away anything you don’t need. Donate your old clothing and sell the items you don’t use. If there are some things you can’t say goodbye to, or if you use them occasionally, place them in a container or another storage unit. 

Organize Smartly

Once you’ve decided your room needs reorganizing, there is a pattern that you should follow. First off, you should set the stage by placing some big, valuable objects, such as a bed, dining table, drawers, or other large pieces of furniture.

Next, empty whatever it is you are organizing. This can help you notice doubles, things you don’t need, things you could give away, and similar. Place everything you have planned to keep in storage units.

Once again, remember to use open containers. This is especially useful while you are organizing everything, as you can quickly remind yourself of the things you have already decided to save. Make sure to label everything in the end.

Organize Your Drawers

Drawers and shelves are an excellent way to add more storage space to your room. However, this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have container organizers in them, as well.

There are special miniature containers designed especially for drawers. This will help you further organize everything, instead of just throwing everything inside a drawer.

If you can’t immediately find what you are looking for, you will be tempted to take things out of storage. Once again, this leads to creating a mess and ruining a perfectly clean room.

Arrange Everything the Right Way

Items should be arranged according to how frequently you use them. Things that you use daily should be in plain sight, and you should always be able to reach them without any issues.

Typically, you’d want to keep them at eye level. Things that you use occasionally could be placed on higher and lower shelves. Taking a ladder or kneeling now and then isn’t an issue. If you do it every day, however, you can become tired and tempted to leave things where they don’t belong.

Imagine You’re a Visitor in Your Own Home

Sometimes, clutter becomes such a common sight that we stop noticing it. We don’t really care about clothes on the side of our bed and the mess on top of the shelf. To know if you need to declutter, imagine you are a visitor who just came into this room.

Look at things you couldn’t ignore if it were someone else’s apartment. Then, eliminate everything that shouldn’t be there. If you have issues noticing what is wrong, you could always take a picture with your cellphone and look at things from a different angle.

Make Quick Decisions

Postponing things is the key to creating a mess, in any possible meaning of the sentence. Just think about how many times you have told yourself: “I’ll do the laundry tomorrow,” then you never complete it until the clothes are too much to handle.

One of the top organization tips is to do everything here and now. Did you just notice a pile of papers at the bottom of the office table? Clean them.

Do you have dirty dishes after lunch?

Wash them right away, or you’ll have even more dishes after dinner! The best way to do any job effectively is to do it on time.

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