Thread Count: The Truth That Everyone Should Know

There is nothing better than sliding into the bed with high-quality sheets. It seems as if you are lying in the heaven upon a set of clouds. Most of us have spent a considerable time of our life into a bed, meaning that quality sheets are an essential part of our life. But, do you have good sheets at your home? Did you get value for your money while buying them?

Thread Count: The Truth That Everyone Should Know

People often think that the higher the thread count is, the better the quality of the sheet is. However, this is not the case because the quality of a sheet depends on other different factors including thread count.

So, how can you understand whether a sheet is high-quality? In this post, we are going explain the truth about thread count. We would also tell you how you can find out quality bed sheets smoothly. So, let’s not waste any more time and start reading the post!

What is Thread count?

Typically, thread count is all about the number of threads woven into one inch of fabric. The thread count number depends on the threads woven horizontally and vertically. They are called ‘weft’ and ‘warp’ respectively. You can create additional threads into the weft threads. These additional threads are known as ‘picks,’ and they will increase the overall thread count. In fact, this is how some sheets comprise of thousands of thread counts. In that case, if you think – the higher the count is, the better the quality of sheets is, you will make a terrible mistake.

dreamstime_xs_12925820_largeMost people suggest that one-inch fabric consists; a maximum of 500 to 600 thread count. Well! This number is an arguable one given that it depends on the mill with which you are dealing with. Some mills just unpicked weaves, add threads here and there randomly, and increase the overall thread count. Also, when you are buying a sheet, you should look for three things on the label – whether it’s an Egyptian cotton, where it’s woven, and the overall thread count.

Many people have misconceptions about the thread count. But, if they think that Egyptian cotton is the best cotton in the world, then they are spot on about their remark. The Egyptian cotton comes with a better quality cotton that is absent from other types of cotton. Along with the Egyptian cotton, the Pima cotton that grows in America is good a quality cotton. Though it is not an excellent option like Egyptian cotton, it would be still a reliable one.

As for weaving, the Italians are ranked in the first place. They are labeled as the – master weavers of the world. The Italians have a long and rich history of weaving and they always use the best Egyptian cotton. So, when you are buying sheets, always look for Egyptian cotton with a minimum of 200 thread count!

What to avoid when buying sheets?

When you are buying sheets, you should watch out for low priced but the high thread count sheet sets. Many people think that the purchase of a complete sheet set with a high thread count for only $100 or less is a masterstroke. But, this is not the ideal case as you will get what you pay for. Not to mention, the price of the sheets depend on various factors such as sheet size or the type of sheet you are buying. For example – a duvet cover with sheet sets. Remember that a high-quality 200 thread count sheet that is made of Egyptian cotton may cost you in between $150 and $200.

Which sheet do you prefer?

ci-jonathon-adler_geometric-bedding_s4x3-jpg-rend-hgtvcom-1280-960After finishing the quality checklist for thread count, you have to consider your preferences. For example – if someone is looking for durable linen, a percale from thread count of 200 to 800 would be satisfactory. Usually, a percale is any cotton that is woven with a 200 thread count. Aside from this, a dense 200 thread count with crispness would be another good option as well. You should remember that if you take a 400 thread count sheet, it might be soft and light. However, an 800 percale thread count would be different as it will be soft and dense. The higher the thread count is, the more the thread is used, or picks are added, meaning that the fabric of the sheet would be thick and cumbersome.


Until now, we have explained that the quality of a sheet doesn’t depend on the number of thread count. In that case, don’t fool yourself with the figures. Remember what we recommend for analyzing sheet including the label and prices. Also, buying a sheet according to your preference is what you should always do. Therefore, before making a buying decision, you should get a feel of the sheet. In truth, you will be able to recognize and understand whether the fabric of the sheet is good for you or not. So, follow what we suggested above and have sweet dreams in your bed!

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