Ways To Clean Your Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are one of the most important features of any house. Although they do not get much of the attention but they do a great deal of work to ensure the foundation of the house is not threatened by water. The roof over the entire length and breadth of the house. Rain gutters are placed at the base of the rood edge to collect water and channel it away from the house foundation. If this is primarily its function, then one can guess what would happen if it gets blocked.

Ways To Clean Your Rain Gutters

Most people do not like cleaning the rain gutters basically because its way high and “not too safe” to clean. No matter your excuse, you will have to find a way to get all that debris out. We are going to look at three unique ways to clean out your rain gutters and do it well.

Scoop the Debris

The first way is to do it the old scooping way. All this involves physically taking out the debris from the gutter. Tools needed would include a scoop, ladder and a bucket. It’s better to purchase a gutter scoop; one designed to fit right into the gutter. It makes the entire scooping process quicker and a whole less stressful. The ladder comes in handy to give you an advantage to see inside the gutter. Ensure you set the ladder on a solid, flat ground. To avoid unnecessary stress, take the bucket up with you and hang on the ladder. This way you don’t have to come down until you’re done cleaning that particular gutter area.

Blow It All Out

This method makes use of conventional blower. With the help of a blower, you can get the debris out of the gutter quicker than you would have done with a scoop. The tools needed are just the blower, goggles, dust mask and a ladder. Place the ladder on a solid, flat ground and climb up with the blower. Before switching on the blower, make sure you are wearing the dust mask and goggles. With this method, be sure to make a mess on the ground as all blown gutter debris will find its way down there.

Hose It All Out

The last method we will be looking at is using a hose. We all know what a hose is and what it has as its advantage; water. The idea is to use the water pressure to flush out the debris from the gutter. The tools needed are a well nozzled hose and a ladder. It’s important you set the ladder properly as the pressure from the hose can shake the ladder, putting you in harms way. Once you’re standing balanced on the ladder, turn on the hose and let it push out the debris. Sometimes the downspout could get blocked, especially when there is too much debris. This can be rectified using the same hose. Just insert the hose tip into the downspout and turn on the water. The pressure from the water would push out any debris lodged in it.

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